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Advanced Lovers & Lesbians RPG Up On Kickstarter

Evil Hat Productions is looking to greatly expand their Thirsty Sword Lesbians game and they're headed to Kickstarter to get it done. Advanced Lovers & Lesbians has what every gamer wants: tons more options. New playbooks, new locations, new adventures, and more. Head over and check out the campaign now.

From the campaign:

Draw your sword and bare your heart with this new print supplement for Thirsty Sword Lesbians! Ten new character playbooks, four adventures, 20+ settings, and a toolbox full of inspirational mechanics will take your game to the next level in Advanced Lovers & Lesbians.

Pledge now at any level and immediately get access to download our 60-page preview containing all the playbooks and an excerpt of the settings, adventures, and more!

In November 2020, over 8,000 backers pledged nearly $300,000 to bring Thirsty Sword Lesbians to life! April Kit Walsh explicitly designed this RPG to celebrate the love, power, and existence of queer people and the community responded with overwhelming passion. The kickstarter blew through almost fifty stretch goals. This outpouring of support enabled us to bring on a host of talented designers from across the indie tabletop scene to create even more content for this innovative game of narrative drama, found family, and emotional connection.

At Evil Hat Productions, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality Kickstarter product, fast. Rather than delay delivery of Thirsty Sword Lesbians by waiting for all the stretch goal content to come in, we went forward with production and backers received their core copy of TSL five months ahead of schedule.

Now, one year after the original campaign closed, we’re proud to say that the stretch goal material is not only in, but we’ve finished the art, editing, and layout to complete a massive 272-page, full-color expansion we’re calling Advanced Lovers & Lesbians.

Ten new playbooks offer players an expanded roster of rich, conflicted characters to explore:

  • The Bloody by Erin Edwards. When a problem can no longer be solved amicably, when a threat to the community demands violence, the Bloody stands ready to do that violence on behalf of others.
  •  The Dream Mirror Be the person of her dreams—and theirs, and hers, and that other person’s too. The Dream Mirror knows how to be just what others want. The one thing they don’t know? How to be themself. Created by Christie R. Fremon.
  •  The Ensemble by April Kit Walsh. A pair of individuals who can be more than the sum of their parts together, or so deeply into each other that they're lost to the world.
  •  The Hologoddess They are will, made synthflesh. A machine who fights, and loves, with mathematical precision. Created by Katherine Cross.
  •  The Investigator by Ash Cheshire. Clever, inquisitive, and hot on the trail of mysteries relating to the Toxic Powers. Slow to trust others, with a strong desire for truth and justice.
  •  The Legion A soldier chosen by destiny, the latest to bear the name and powers of their legacy of past incarnations. Do they remain true to their present self or to the many “thems” that came before them? Created by Pam Punzalan.
  •  The Matriarch by Alexis Sara. Warding over a gang, kids, or partners who look for their help to stay alive, the Matriarch must weigh their family’s needs versus taking care of their own.
  •  The Naga: Hunted for their magic crest jewels, the shapeshifting Naga live in hiding, hoping to find moments to share their true selves while passing in a society that would do them harm. Created by Mariam Ahmad.
  •  The Sun Hand by Jan Martin. Obsessive in their pursuit of skills and knowledge, The Sun Hand uses their mastery of baking magic to support friends, empower themself, and defuse bad situations.
  •  The Troubadour They live to entertain and have a good time, but that often takes a back seat to earning a living. Keeping everyone happy is both their blessing and their curse. Created by Bryanna Hitchcock.

Twenty-one new settings featuring signature setting elements, core principles, detailed adventure hooks and more. No matter what genre your group yearns for you will find a setting inside to delight and entice.

The campaign's more than 4x funded with 8 days left to go.