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About a World Worldbuiding Guidebook for RPGs Up On Kicktarter

So, you've decided you want to make your own world for your upcoming RPG campaign. That... can be daunting. How does one even start that kind of thing? What do you need to know? Is it even possible? Well, About a World is here to help. It's a guide to worldbuilding for your game and it's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

About a World is a compact but exhaustive guide with all the needs and advice to set up at best your own game/narrative world.

The handbook will guide the reader among those that are the central nodes of the creation of a world and the adventures it can contain, and the tips to visualize it at its best and with the right depth.

The book will be in a compact A5 format (120gr/m2 paper and 300gr/m2 cover) in a spiral binding, in color, made entirely of recyclable paper.

About a Word consists of three macro-topics, divided as well into interconnected categories, made to be consulted both before and during the session: Regions and Environments, Cities and NPCs. In addition, it will include forms and charts to fill in, to keep track of the decisions made and the structures created. In detail, here is an explanation of the contents of the book.

The campaign's making its way to half-funded with 34 days left to go.