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AEG Running Valley of the Kings Premium Edition Kickstarter

You might have the previous version of Valley of the Kings. You might even have all 3 games in the series. But AEG's still bringing you something new with their Premium Edition Kickstarter. There's new elements, a new box ready to hold everything in one, a special price, and the chance to get it several months before the expected general release (and we all know how much gamers love to be the first ones on the block with the latest and greatest games).

From the campaign:

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is proud to bring you the Kickstarter for Valley of the Kings Premium Edition. This version of Valley of the Kings consolidates the three previously released games in the line, upgrades the components, and adds new content.

Valley of the Kings is designed by Tom Cleaver. The first game in the series was released in 2014, Afterlife was released in 2015 and Last Rites was released in 2016.

This product is in a fast turnaround with our production facilities in China, and we intend to deliver these Rewards four months from now in August 2019. The retail release of Valley of the Kings Premium will be in October, and the suggested retail price for the retail release will be $65.

The campaign's more than 4x funded with still 13 days left to go.