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AEG Releasing New Warlord CCG Set

I know. I know. We don't cover CCGs all that often on the page. However, this one is kinda close to my heart. Warlord was a game I played way back in the day. Heck, my LGS had the Warlord fever so much, one guy was even nicknamed Warlord Guy. Well, the game's not been around in a long time, but AEG is releasing a new set.

From the article:

After two decades, a classic of the CCG era returns. Warlord: Saga of the Storm is back for a birthday celebration. This year will see the release of a 20th Anniversary Celebration pack featuring all-new cards for the game. This pack is a look at who some of the Medusan Lords were when they were but Warlords. You can build entirely new decks around them! Including my favorite, and the first Medusan Lord defeated, Nassiral Hate.

You may be asking yourself, “why is AEG producing a set for a game that has not been published in nearly 15 years, and have no current plans to bring it back?” 

Four reasons:

  1. We still love the game.
  2. The fans, who have become our friends over the decades, are still connected, playing and trading cards.
  3. We loved the idea of exploring the history of some of our favorite characters.
  4. 20 years is an amazing milestone for any game product.

Warlord was pitched to me when the d20 craze was in full swing. I loved the game but the cherry on top of the pitch was they wanted to use my game world as the setting for Warlord. We launched Warlord using the tag line “The game you already know how to play” and if you had ever played a d20 roleplaying game you did indeed know how to play. We gave away 400,000 decks, inserting them into all of the major magazines, distributor catalogs, and handing them out at shows. Yes, you read that right, 400,000. That’s almost half a million. It was a huge gamble but it paid off and Warlord: Saga of the Storm was the greatest launch of a new game in AEG’s history.