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AEG Posts Space Base At Home Rules

Since we aren't supposed to go to the game shop and hang out or gather at your friend's place, it can be rough to get some games in. Thankfully, the internet exists. And every day, there's new ways to play your favorite games online. AEG has posted rules for playing Space Base from the comfort of your own home via the series of tubes that is the internet.

From the website:

Space Base at Home requires a “Host” who will run the game, and 1 to 1 million “at home” players on-line to play along.

Get your copy of Space Base and remove two level 3 upgrades from the game; the U.E.S. Armstrong and the U.E.S. Gordon. Then set up your outposts and upgrade markets each with 4 cards (instead of the normal 6). Then, give yourself 5 gold, draw the top cards of the level 1 upgrade deck, pay for it, and add it to your base. Lastly, give yourself one more gold, because you (and all At-Home players) are considered to be “Player 2” for this game.

Set up the Reference board on the “Turn Side” with a marker/cube on the Turn 1 space. Make sure the board can be seen on your stream feed. Grab a 2 pairs of d6 and you are ready to go. If you want to play as well, also follow the At-Home player set-up.