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AEG Offering Free Expansion With Smash Up Purchase

At all times, it's always good to have your dollar go just a little farther. And in these strange times, that only increases in importance. Well, AEG is looking to stretch your gaming buck. They've got a special deal going where if you buy the base game set for Smash Up, you can pick an expansion and get it for free! Free's pretty good. Hard to beat free. But the sale won't last forever, so head over there now.

From the announcement:

Don't miss this chance to dive right into the greatest gaming experience you will ever have*.  Not only do you get the life-changing game of Smash Up, you get your choice of any of the expansions!  Choose from Time Travelers, Rock Stars, Princesses, Ghosts, Kaiju, Sumo Wrestlers, Kittens and tons more. It's all up to you which you'll bring to the table!

No special code needed, but the offer is for a limited time so don't miss it!