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AEG Launches Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter

Build your deck, gather your gear, and head down into the dungeon. AEG's Thunderstone Quest is more than a deck-builder, it's a dungeon-delver too. And it's got two new expansions up on Kickstarter.

About the Campaign:

Thunderstone Quest is Hall-of-Fame designer Mike Elliott’s deck-building game of dungeon exploration. During each game, you control a group of heroes represented by your deck. During your turn you can choose to visit the village to heal up and gear up, or you can look for glory and fame by entering the dungeon where you can fight monsters for victory points and loot. The game ends in a dramatic boss where you try to take down the Guardian – a powerful enemy of great renown. Each Quest is a series of games that let you experience an exciting narrative story through unique set-ups and developing card interactions.

In Darkness Rising, you’ll have to deal with Count Mortas. A villian who feeds off the life force of the citizens of Ebonwood, a dimension shrouded in perpetual twilight. New heroes rise to take down the Count. To do so, they may decide to draw on dark powers themselves, but they must be careful, draw too much and all will be lost!

In Miricelle’s Return, one of Thunderstone’s most popular characters tries to take down Thunderstone Keep itself! Miricelle returns to Thunderstone Keep and with her an army of Scions and entranced heroes. It’s up to a ragtag group of outcasts to save Thunderstone Keep in the epic conclusion of the Miricelle story arc!

In addition to the two new quests, The Enemies Among Us comes with an additional Superdeluxe box big enough to fit all the contents of this Kickstarter AND the last one for easy storage. We’re also including more than 300 printed plastic dividers so you can upgrade all of your current paper dividers.

The campaign's more than 3x funded, but it's a quick one with only 9 days left.