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AEG Holiday Sale Happening Now

One last sales announcement for you today. This one's from AEG and it's a 20% off of everything sale going on now. It's 20% because 2020, but if you hold out, I bet it'll be even better in 2099 (not a guarantee. You should probably just go take advantage of the sale they're having now).

From the announcement:

Everything in the AEG Online Store is on sale this week. We just couldn't wait for Black Friday! You can get ANYTHING in the online store at 20% off just by using the code 202020 at check out!

That's right, this deal is good for everything from Smash Up to Thunderstone Quest, Ecos to Point Salad. And not only that, it also applies to our new micro-expansions such as Tiny Towns: Tiny Trees and Mystic: Vale: Evergreen.

Don't miss this amazing deal through November 30th on