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AEG Having Unicornus Knights Sale

AEG is just having special after special after special in their webshop. This time around, it's Unicornus Knights. But you don't get free expansions, you get two whole free games from their Big in Japan line. No codes. No coupons. Just head over and get your games for one special price.

From the announcement:

3 for one deal! That's right, buy Unicornus Knights in our online store today and get TWO Big in Japan games free!

Unicornus Knights is a co-op epic where you must work together to restore a princess to her rightful throne. However the princess does not sit idly by. She will charge ahead with her troops, and you must support her retaking of the kingdom. Play as knights, wizards, even merchants who work to bolster the vital supply lines. From Seiji Kanai and Kuro.

And along with Unicornus Knights, you'll receive Say Bye to the Villains and Greedy Kingdoms FREE! No code needed, just add Unicornus Knights to your cart and they will be added as well, and FREE shipping in the United States.