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ACP164 Miniatures Game Now Available

I always love when I can announce that a Kickstarter campaign not only funded and has shipped, but is now available for general release. That's my real mark of a successful campaign. And that's what we have here with the anthropomorphic sci-fi minis game, ACP164. You can head over to the Sally 4th website and not only pick up some figures for yourself, but check out all the things they've got in store for releases coming up.

From the announcement:

The Albedo Miniatures Game ACP164 is launched today as a retail release following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The initial release includes full color A4 rulebooks, source book and The Almata Campaign book together with cards, templates tokens and of course lots of highly detailed 28mm miniature figures and vehicles. ACP164 has a monthly release schedule whereby the additional miniatures developed though the kickstarter campaign will be releases over the next 6 months.