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AB Con Game Bundle Up On Kickstarter

The African Boardgames Convention (aka - AB Con) was a big success with hundreds of attendees and a huge showcase of new games. What? Weren't able to make it to the show? Missed out on getting the hot, new titles? Well, now you can have your chance up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Hi, we are KC and Femi; game designers from Nigeria and hosts of the 2021 African Boardgames Convention - AB Con. We welcome you to the AB Con 2021 game bundle project. We hope you love our games and are interested in backing our project to get them out to the world.

AB Con 2021 was a huge success we had over 700 attendees and also hosted online events for game enthusiasts all over the world to join.

We were very fortunate to have many new African games represented. We want to share these games with a larger audience than were able to make it to Abuja, Nigeria.

AB Con BUNDLE is a project birthed to introduce new games displayed at the convention to the world. Each year, carefully selected games will be added to the bundle.

The two games we've chosen this year are:

1. Instant Sync is for parties and is sure to cause the whole room to shake with laughter as you try to pick the same words as others in the group and get "In Sync".

2. Bidding Room; Underground is a strategy game where you try to undermine your opponents while dealing with the criminal world of illegal artefacts.

The campaign's up and running now with 19 days left to go.