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A Visitor's Guide to the Rainy City RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

I don't know. To me, a city where it rains all the time seems kinda nice. I like rain. However, I'm not sure that living in a city at the edge of the end of the world would be the best. But that's what the Rainy City is. And you can drop this location directly into your games using the system-agnostic A Visitor's Guide to the Rainy City, an RPG Zine project that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The VISITOR'S GUIDE is designed for busy GMs to mine for your own games and campaigns. Need a flavorful but dour neighborhood to drop into a city you're prepping? Then use the paranoid and cult-infested Levee Town. Need a strange NPC wizard for players to sell their ill-gotten loot to? Oculam the Oracular is your wizard; he already saw you coming! Need a weird urban location to toss in front of your players? Then look no further because Vengus Ult's Mushroom Library has just sprouted up in Old Town. Need a colorful folktale to flesh out your local village? Then Ware the Winder Man, who comes every Mid-Winder Night to enter your home and steal your breath. 

Break the VISITOR'S GUIDE down, mine it for gems, and use them as your own.

The campaign's closing in on 3x funded with 11 days left to go.