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A Mending Solo Keepsake Game Up On Kickstarter

A Mending is a game about going and seeing an old friend that you've not seen in forever... No, that doesn't hit real close to home right now. Not at all... Anyway, that's the premise of this solo keepsake game. Why keepsake game? Because you actually use your sewing skills to create a beautiful piece as you play that you get to keep when you're done. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

You have been parted from a dear friend for a long time. Now, they have called for you. You are going to visit your friend, and the path is long and it will take many days. As you plan and trace your route on a cloth map(or paper), using needle and thread(or pen), you will use and answer story prompt cards to discover the stories and primary incidents behind your friendship, find strange and wonderful objects and people on your path, and build your own narrative of this particular journey and friendship.

A Mending is a keepsake game, a term that I use to describe the kind of game I make - games that produce beautiful, memorable physical artifacts through the gameplay process. These keepsakes are a collaboration between me, as a designer, and the players, who all create their own unique objects. This honors my lifetime love of tinkering and making, and reduces waste by producing something worth keeping. Jeeyon Shim and I began using this term while making our keepsake game, Field Guide to Memory, to describe the work we do.

The campaign's more than 4x funded with 22 days left to go.