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A Dozen New Druid Feats Available From Skirmisher Publishing

"More options!" That's the one thing pretty much every player can agree on when it comes to their characters. More ways to make their character truly theirs. Well, Skirmisher Publishing is here to help for you Druid aficionados out there. They've put out a Dozen New Druid Feats for D&D 3.5 (but easily adaptable to Pathfinder or 5th).

From the website:

Druids are the unquestioned masters of the natural world, with the ability to assume animal form and sway the forces of life and death in the wilds. This publication presents a dozen new feats for players and storytellers seeking to improve and customize the capabilities of their Druids, including ones that enhance such characters’ use of Wild Shape and Reincarnate. And, while these Feats are written for use with d20 v.3.5 Druids, they can be easily modified for use with the Pathfinder RPG and other OGL-based games.