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A Cool and Lonely Courage RPG Up On Kickstarter

There have been countless badass women that have existed throughout time. Unfortunately, many have not had their stories told. A Cool and Lonely Courage looks to change that for the women of the Special Operations Executive, an underground fighting force in France during WWII. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

It is time for women to come to the forefront of history — a place where they have always been, though they are often overlooked. Bravery was on every front of World War 2. But how much courage does it take to do your job when surrounded not by friends but by enemies? When your first mistake might be your last, and hundreds of people in the war effort are relying upon you?

It is the Second World War. France has fallen to the Nazis and Churchill decides to disrupt Hitler's war machine in the occupied countries. He forms a volunteer group with one mission: to set Europe ablaze. Sometimes known as “Churchill’s Secret Army”, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) recruits agents from all walks of life. Unusually, they recruit women as well as men. It is the only place on the western front where women train for combat operations just like the men.

The SOE were keen to recruit women. Captain Jepson, their senior recruiting officer, said "they had a cool and lonely courage” which particularly suited them to the isolated and dangerous undercover work in France. Women primarily worked as couriers and wireless operators but took part in all kinds of operations. It was extraordinarily dangerous. One third of the women who worked in occupied France were captured and killed.

This game gives you an opportunity to tell your own stories of courage and sacrifice and to honour the women who did it for real.

This is an immersive table top story game for 2-5 players. A game session can take from 2-4 hours to play. All you need is a pack of playing cards, some paper and pens, and this short 6" x 9" format rulebook. You don’t need any historical knowledge to play — I have filled the rulebook with real-life examples that will help steer you towards the kind of situations and dilemmas which were faced by women working in the SOE.

As you can see from the feature image, the campaign's already up and over its funding goal. There's 20 days left to go to get in on the action.