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"More options!" It's the one thing every RPG player can agree on when it comes to their characters. And Silver Games is here to help if you've looked at the Pathfinder ones and gone, "meh..." They hav
The West Germans are the latest releases for Team Yankee and Battlefront is looking to get some into your hands for free. Head on over to their Facebook page and check out the contest. Everyone loves
Games Workshop is coming out with new models based on The Horus Heresy (a kinda turbulent time for the grimdark future). In the first of these articles, they're taking a look at Maloghurst.
Sure, travel can be fun and exciting. You're going on an adventure. But it can also be scary. You never know what might be around the next bend. And that's where you find yourself in The Bleakness, a
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Shots are getting into arms, but we're not ready yet to get back into huge groups for conventions (and there's the other question of whether huge conventions will ever really be a thing again anywhere
Occasionally, sets in HeroClix get rotated out, meaning they're no longer valid to use in regular organized play. But what happens to all those figures that rotate out? Some get still used in a format
A new tile-laying game is on the horizon all about the balance of nature and maintaining said balance. It's called Sagani and it'll be released later this month by Funforge. They've posted up a previe
Carcassonne has been a fan-favorite game for many, many years. And while many people have played it, most don't know much about the man behind the game, Klaus-Jurgen Wrede. Well, that changes now beca
A new set of dwarves has hit Forge World's webshop. They're King Dain Ironfoot and Thorin III. If you're looking for some rather regal and powerful leaders for your forces in the Middle-earth Strategy