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When Battlefront has a big release weekend for their games, they love to go all-out and celebrate the release with a bunch of cool events, videos, and articles on their website. Well, a bunch of Team
You ever just have those days where you're hungry the whole time? You have lunch and yet you're still hungry. You grab a snack but you're still hungry. You try and ignore it. Your stomach just seems a
Can you believe that it's been 20 years since the release of the original Reiner Knizia The Lord of the Rings board game? Yeah. That makes me feel old, too. But like a good birthday, it's time to cele
Aliens. It's a classic horror/action movie that many of us have seen over and over again. Now, there's some new kits for the Aliens game coming from Gale Force 9. They're in the pipe, five by five. Yo
Don't you want to say "July" over the snow? Isn't that the fun of it? Oh well. Here we are, in July, and it's time to show off what Corvus Belli will be releasing for Infinity this month. Have yoursel
Night is my favorite time. I just prefer the dark and calm/quiet as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the daytime. Of course, I do admit that it can be a bit more dangerous at night. You don't alway
Sure, the Lion is the king of the jungle... for now. But the Selection Committee is looking to crown a new monarch. All the animals are trying to get on the Committee's good graces so that they're the
You know I'm a fan of games with odd premises. And this is one of the more odd ones I've seen in a while. Houston, We Have a Dolphin is a social deduction game where players are trying to figure out w

Runes & Regulations: Nefarious Neighbor Expansion Pack
The folks behind Judge Dredd have a new RPG project up on Kickstarter. It's Adventure Presents, a new RPG magazine. The first issue of which will have the Tartarus Gate game inside of it. Head out int
It's kinda Thursday. It's kinda Friday. Thursday because it's the day after Wednesday. Friday because I have tomorrow off for the holiday (though I'll still be doing some TGN posts. So, don't worry th