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With the new edition of The Horus Heresy just on the horizon, Games Workshop is going through all the Legion Astartes factions and giving us a look at a few of the rules that will define them in said
Looking for something different from your RPGs? Maybe something less dice-heavy and a bit more card-driven? Then check out the Iconic Adventuring System, a new system up on Kickstarter now that uses d
Mother Nature protects itself. That's proven with the Lady of Vines, a new Sylvaneth figure coming for Age of Sigmar. Get a look at this new mini and some of her special abilities in this preview.
Many of my friends have kids that are getting to the age where my friends are looking to introduce them to RPGs. If you're like them and you're on the lookout for something like that, I might suggest
Everyone's Good at Doing Something. EGADS. It's a new RPG system up on Kickstarter now that's all about being intuitive and easy to get into for newer gamers.
I mentioned that last week felt like it went by fast. This week... Well, let's just say that earlier today, I was like, "do we have our Wednesday meeting this week or is it next week?" When I went to
Games Workshop is making their way through all the Legion Astartes factions in the lead-up to the new edition of The Horus Heresy. This time around, it's space babypuppies. I mean, the Space Wolves. H
Think Highlander, but not just people on Earth, but even more powerful entities spread out all across the universe. That's what you have with Lords of Eternity. There can be only 1.
Who's ready for another event? Plaid Hat Games is. They've announced AshCon 2. Head over to check out the details. We're just under a week away from the launch.
When you think of "street gangs vying for power in the rough-and-tumble alleyways," you don't always think of full-suit power armor. But if you're in a Necromunda gang, that's just the sort of hardwar