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Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! This week certainly went along fairly well, at least for me. Just busy enough to keep things from dragging. Not so busy that it felt like the world was caving in. All in all, a goo
The Iron Kingdoms RPG is getting back to its roots, once more being a setting guide for D&D with its latest form, Requiem. But that doesn't mean it's just D&D with a brass cog in the corner (t
The first extra expansion deck to come out for the upcoming Ashes Reborn, the Jericho deck will set the tone for other updates later on. As such, we're getting a rather in-depth look at it before it h
Water, water everywhere. And the Mercator Nautica is in control of it. The Water Guild will be making their presence felt more directly in Necromunda beyond when you want to stop by a drinking fountai
Want to get into the gaming industry? Do you have graphics design abilities? Want to work for one of the longest-running gaming magazines out there? Then you should head over to Wargames Illustrated a
Well, I mean, they're Stark changes, not necessarily stark changes. I mean, some Stark changes could be stark, but not all Stark changes are stark changes. ... ... Just go look at what's being updated
It's danger at every turn when assassination is at hand. But that's where players find themselves in The Assassins Four, a new adventure for the Dishonored RPG. You can head over to the Modiphius webs
There's two new sets available to pre-order from Warlord Games for Mythic Americas. They're the Aztec Eagle Warriors with Slings and the Tribal Nations Mohawk Warriors with Clubs. If you're looking to
There's a new sourcebook out for Through The Breach, Wyrd's RPG based on their Malifaux game. It's called From Nightmares and it focuses on the Neverborn. There's also new spell decks available. These
There's a couple gaming companies out there that have launched Patreon campaigns. For those that don't know, it's a form of crowdfunding where you basically subscribe to a company and they'll occasion