Four Ways to Die in the Future RPGs Up On Kickstarter

Four Ways to Die in the Future isn't just a single RPG, but a collection of four mini-games. Each one involves sacrifice of some form. Not everyone will be saved, but some may be. It's up to you to decide whom it will be. That's not going to be an easy choice for anyone. The games are up on Kickstarter now.

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Fantasy Flight Previews House Arryn For A Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons Expansion

There are many different Houses in Westeros, many stretching back for thousands of years. House Arryn is one such, and they long-protected the country from invasions. They were no friend of the Targaryans, and with a new Targaryan looking to make landfall again, it's their sworn duty to protect the coast. Check out House Arryn coming in the Mother of Dragons expansion for the A Game of Thrones board game.

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Podcast Radio


It's... there. I mean, it's hard to hate it, as it's not really the start of the week. All of that loathing goes to Monday. But there's not much else going on with it. It's not the middle of the week, really. It's just... Tuesday. I know Arthur could never really get a handle on Thursdays, but I think Tuesdays are the ones I have the toughest time with. Better listen to some gaming podcasts.

Today on the dial we have: Game Classy Episode 173: We're Back; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 49 - Essen 2018 preview; Drive Thru FM Episode 20: Top 10 Anticipated Essen 2018 Games; Mantic Radio Episode 14; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 133: The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31; The Secret Cabal Episode 169: Eschaton, Folklore the Affliction and a Short Topic Extravaganza; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 156: Igancy, Monolith Arena, Imperial Settlers Amazons; Singled Out Episode 76: Talking Season 4 Union with Jason Mountain; Geeks of the North Episode 50: Hobby rooms; and Guilds of the North Episode 12: Welcome to Season 4.

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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Up On Kickstarter

The Year of New Editions claims another one. In this case, it's Savage Worlds, the popular RPG line from Pinnacle Entertainment. They're running a Kickstarter campaign for the Adventure Edition of it, and it seems you're all excited about it, since they funded in under five minutes.

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Diception Dice Games Up On Kickstarter

Diception is a collection of quick-to-play dice games all wrapped into one spot. They're great for playing during your RPG sessions whenever you might have a gambler in a tavern and don't want to just settle for your standard games. Or between sessions of other, larger games. Either way, you can back them on Kickstarter now.

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Dinosaur Princesses RPG Up On Kickstarter

*re-reads the headline*
Well... I mean... I have to say, they have me intrigued by the title and the premise. And yes, it is just as the title says. You are in an RPG and you're playing as dinosaurs that are also princesses and you must go and solve problems all around your kingdom.

The game's up on Kickstarter now.

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Catalyst Game Labs Posts Winter Street Dates

The folks over at Catalyst Game Labs have been working hard on a whole bunch of new releases. Some are available now, but even the ones that are a little ways off, they want to make sure you know they're coming. There's new Dungeons & Dragons releases, new Shadowrun releases, and some updates about restocks.

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Fantasy Flight Previews Loot and Companions in New California

It's dangerous out there in the wasteland. But there's plenty of opportunities as well. Lots of leftover things that might seem like junk, but are actually really useful in a pinch. In this preview of the New California expansion for the Fallout board game, Fantasy Flight takes a look at the new Companions and Loot you can find in the game.

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Monday Terrain Corner

Did anyone else's weekend seem to only take something like 5 hours to go by? Anyone? My Saturday, especially, was over in what felt like less than an hour. Seriously. It was, "start hanging out with friend. Blink. Friend leaves and it's time for bed." Like, the hell? I feel cheated out of 2 days off. Oh well... there'll be another weekend eventually. Just a long way to go until we get there. And if there'll be gaming on that weekend, we'll need some terrain.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Urban Decay Mat Available From Loke Battlemats and Medieval Kit 1 Available from Pwork Wargame.

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Horror Boards Horror Boardgame Up On Kickstarter

It's the time of the year where even those that only have a moderate enjoyment of horror movies go all-out. I've got my own stash of movies that I tend to get out just for this time of year. Horror Boards looks to bring that love of horror movies to your tabletops in an expandable board game. The game's up on Kickstarter now.

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Fantasy Flight Previews New Scenarios From Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

The town of Arkham is just filled with all manner of strange creatures, cults, relics, books, and buildings. It's into this world that you must delve in Arkham Horror, which is getting a 3rd edition as part of the Year of New Editions. In this preview, Fantasy Flight gives us a look at a couple of the scenarios that you'll have to make your way through in the game.

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