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9th Level Games announces Kobolds Ate My Baby Munchkin set stretch goal

9th Level Games made it up and over $35k on their Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter project. If they can make it over $50k in the next 2 weeks, Steve Jackson Games will make a KAMB Munchkin set.

From the announcement:

Today, 9th Level Games is pleased to announce a new stretch goal for their first Kickstarter. If backers help the Kickstarter total reach the $50,000 mark, Steve Jackson Games will publish a Munchkin Kobolds Ate My Baby! booster pack! All Hail King Torg!
Chris O'Neill from 9th Level Games said, "Like all Kobolds, we secretly dream about the day when we will finally triumph over the Adventurers. We never thought that day would be in the Dungeons of MUNCHKIN! Unleashing Kovalic on the collision of the Kobolds with Munchkin-verse is going to be EPIC! I mean have you seen the Kobold with the Chainsaw yet?"
Once it’s confirmed that the fifteen card booster will go into production, Steve Jackson Games will design an exclusive Munchkin KAMB! bookmark. All Kickstarter backers who’ve opted to receive physical rewards will receive this bookmark as an added bonus!

The new booster pack, which would be compatible with any Munchkin core set, is tentatively scheduled for a 2014 release and will be co-developed by both companies. John Kovalic, who illustrates Kobolds Ate My Baby! and the popular card game Munchkin, will draw new kobolds for both the bookmark and booster