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9th Level Games adds Kobold Plushies to Kickstarter campaign

9th Level Games has added Plushie Kobolds to their Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter campaign.
I gotta say... I kinda want one. It'd go well with my plush Richard from Looking For Group.

From the update:

So, some people have asked fro a special Kickstarter Exclusive. Others have asked for plush. How about both!

The amazing and rad Tally Heilke (of Tally's Treasury) will be producing HAND MADE Kobolds for those who can add 50$ (us) or $55 (intl). Check out her very cool plush work on her site!

To make these already special , one-of-a-kind Handmade dolls even more amazing, they will each come with their own..."Kobold Patch" My Kobold adoption form. This form will feature a name, stats, and in game Kobold plush rules - and will be PERSONALLY SIGNED, NUMBERED, and DOODLED ON by JOHN KOVALIC. (And look how CUTE THEY ARE!!!!)