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9th Level Games Taking Pre-Orders for Business Wizards RPG

Bizard. That's a wizard that's all into business. And it's what you get to be if you play Business Wizards, a new game coming soon from 9th Level Games. Just think if the Wolf of Wall Street people could cast lightning bolt. Pre-orders are being taken now. You'll even get your game early if you go direct versus waiting for retail... just like magic!

From the website:

A roleplaying game in the Arcane World of Business!

In the same vain as Kobolds Ate My Baby! this new Polymorph title brings much silliness and a meta take on both BUSINESS and WIZARDS!!! Fans of Kobolds Ate My Baby and other Polymorph games will both LOVE clocking into this adventure!

In Business Wizards you are a BIZARD! That means you are wizard who is ALL BUSINESS! You solve your daily problems with magic and sorcery rather than good old fashioned work ethic!

In Business Wizards you can:

  • Attend STAFF meetings
  • Get mad at the MIMIC copier
  • Chat around the GELATINOUS CUBE cooler
  • Summon COFFEE
  • and much more!

November 2020 Retail release! Buy direct from us and get it in October!