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9th Level Games Announces Venture Society RPG

9th Level Games is looking to bring you a new RPG that's designed for all ages, ready to bring that next generation of gamers into the fold and teach them some important life lessons (and I don't just mean, "always check for traps!"). The game is called Venture Society and they'll be bringing it to Kickstarter soon.

From the website:

An all ages roleplaying game that rewards players for positive social encounters!

In this world of animals, the regions used to be at war with each other. Thankfully brave animals from each region united for peace and formed the Venture Society. The Venture Society is a world wide organization dedicated to helping others and encouraging harmony with your fellow animals, and you're invited to join. You and your friends will play as newly-inducted members ready to start making a difference!

A roleplaying game for kids, teachers, and parents, Venture Society is designed on principles of SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING. Rather than discussing how to behave, players take imaginative action — and they're rewarded for using communication, emotional wellness, social awareness, and personal strengths to solve their problems, rather than violence.