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9DKP Card Game Up On Kickstarter

You should never be cruel to animals. That goes without saying, really. But I guess if an evil 9-tailed demo kat (that had the power to raise the dead) were to start terrorizing humanity, something might have to be done about it. And if that were to involve cutting of that demon kat's tails and giving them to warriors, who gained power from the tails in order to defeat Babusa (as the demon kat was known), should it return, so be it. That's the story behind 9DKP (9 Deadly Kat Points), a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

The game consists of two phases. The first one is quick. It's the Draw phase, where you draw a card from your deck. Then there's the Active phase. This is where you first wake up any characters that are taking a Katnap. Second, you play a character into your RANGE (which can have a maximum of 4 at a time). Third, you play any number of Skratch cards as long as you can afford their DKP cost.

Pretty simple, which was the point. But tactical depth has been built into the card abilities.

The campaign's underway now and is set to run for another 32 days.