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Capitan Games Ltd. Release

Capitan Games Ltd. is a new structuring of Capitan Games and Battle Models Ltd. Check them out if you're into historicals.



From them to you:

The arrival of CAPITAN GAMES LTD is an exciting development on the European wargaming scene. Based in the UK, it is an amalgamation of the Spanish company, Capitan Games SL, and Britain’s Battle Models Ltd (until now the UK distributor for Warmodelling Miniatures). Capitan Games have divested themselves of their Warmodelling interest but the new UK company will continue to offer the miniatures outside Spain.

Capitan Games Ltd will be a business based on well-researched and play-tested wargames rules for a variety of periods and disciplines (land, naval and aerial warfare), backed up by complementary ranges of miniature figures designed by the worlds best sculptors. A close association with Caliver Books/Partizan Press has been developed to provide national distribution in the UK and the USA and the company’s miniatures will be represented at most of the UK shows by one or two selected traders.

As its first project, Capitan will be launching its new tactical Napoleonics rules “Divisional Commander” in two weeks. Developed and tested in cooperation with Southend Wargames Club, the rules are designed to cover the period from about 1792 to 1823. This includes, as well as the main theatres, the Peninsular War, the War of 1812 and the First Carlist War. With battalions and regiments as the main manoeuvre units, the novel command and control system makes for realism in the games and the comprehensive army lists provide data to build any army unit-by-unit, with the added customising facility to incorporate historical characteristics into the units and their commanders alike. The rule book is 150 full-colour pages with explanatory diagrams and illustrations and includes four scenarios to get players of to a flying start. The cover prices are: UK - £25; Rest of Europe - €30; USA $40, available mid September.

Capitan Games Ltd, will start releasing his own ranges of miniatures with the brand BATTLEMODELDS, and new ranges made in cooperation with other well known Miniature Manufacturers. We are now finishing our exciting range of 45mm Spanish Succession War miniatures, (Catalan & Borbon Armies), a new range for the War of 1812 in 15mm comprising the US, British & Canadian armies - perfect for playing Divisional Commander - and a new 15mm Spanish Succession War range of Catalan, Borbon & British figures made by Eureka Miniatures with our historical advice that will be on the market on October… and more to come.

It was with great regret that Capitan Games SL learned of the death of Bob Coggins a few weeks ago. After purchasing the rights to Napoleon’s Battles rules, we worked closely with Bob to make adjustments and additions that were felt by both parties to be desirable and that would improve and enhance the gaming experience that the rules provided. The directors of the company have only minor experience of playing Napoleon’s Battles but enjoyed the cooperation of a group who played the game regularly and have an in-depth knowledge of the rule book. This group was the main contact with Bob in the development of the 4th Edition and they have approached us with a proposal for them to take ownership of the NB copyright, to which we have agreed. We feel this is the best arrangement to provide players of the rules with a sympathetically designed 4th Edition rule set and look forward to seeing the final publication. In a few days we will provide information about the new developers of Napoleon’s Battles, who will release news and scheduling of the rules publication.