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9 days to go for Miniature Building Authority Kickstarter

Miniature Building Authority is in their final 9 days up on Kickstarter. They've created a new reward tier for those that want to get all the terrain they possibly can.



From the post:

We want to give you, the backers, more options. So first, we are creating a super premium backer. Any backer who spends more than $1,000 on this Kickstarter project will get all Archery Targets, Fighting Dummies, Castle Wells, and Lean To’s painted as part of your stretch goals. That’s right we have found a source and are having them painted. (Note: the lean to’s will not be glued together. This is so that we can ship them flat. It will take 2 minutes to glue them together, but they will be painted)

Premium backers can upgrade their Archery Targets, Fighting Dummies, Castle Wells, and Lean To’s to painted ones for a small fee (Archery Targets/Fighting Dummies $3.50 additional fee per piece and $4.50 for the Wells, and Lean Tos painted per piece). All backers can add painted ones to their pledge by adding the cost of the individual piece and the $3.50 or $4.50 painting fees to their pledge levels.

Additionally, we are unlocking three new pieces that are now available as add-ons. First is the re-issue of the Corner Turret House. This is a great piece that has been out of production for around 3 years. Additionally we are unlocking the Dungeon and the Torture Chamber Equipment add-ons. So we have lots of great news for everyone. Thank you again to all of our backers. We appreciate you and thank you for the feedback.