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9 days left for Proteus Engine RPG system from Shotgun Angel Games on Kickstarter

Shotgun Angel Games has 9 days left in their Proteus Engine Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

The Proteus Engine Roleplaying Game System is a flexible and extensive set of rules for playing pen and paper roleplaying games with total cross-compatibility across all of our products. Characters in the system have a basic set of attributes and skills, as well as a number of positive and negative traits (boons and defects), as well as a unique and versatile take on species traits. These flexible species rules will allow for players to build their own unique species and monsters, or modify existing ones easily. The core rules are intended to be useable for any game that your group wants to play: from high fantasy, to epics, to space western, the core rules will give you a framework for running the game. This is a system that forms to the story instead of the story forming to the rules, letting you tell the stories you've always wanted to. We are also planning on making campaign settings and worlds that that players can use to expand their games. These setting books will expand on the core rules with new boons and expanded rules, as well us detailing amazing new worlds and places. We will also be publishing source books that expand and focus on specific areas of the game (such as the planed equipment guide) and specific genres to put in your game (such as a martial arts source book).