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9-day sale on Napoleonics over at Victrix

Victrix is having a sale on some of their Napoleonic box sets over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

From 21st November to Sunday the 30th November we are following up our successful British 25% off boxed set deal with a 25% off boxed set deal for all our French and Austrian sets. The deal also includes our 54mm plastic French boxed sets.

The sale applies to:

VX0005 French Infantry 1807-1812
VX0008 French Infantry 1804-1807
VX0009 Napoleon's Old Guard Grenadiers
VX0011 Napoleon's Old Guard Chasseurs
VX0016 Napoleon's Middle Imperial Guard

VX0012 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1798-1809
VX0013 Austrian Napoleonic Grenadiers 1798-1815
VX0014 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1806-1815
VX0015 Austrian Napoleonic Landwehr 1808-1815

VX5402 54mm French Napoleonic Grenadiers 1805-1812
VX5403 54mm French Napoleonic Voltigeurs 1805-1812

If you are building armies for Waterloo using our superb Old and Middle Guard sets or fighting the British in Spain or the tenacious Austrians we have some wonderfully detailed, high quality figures for you with this fantastic limited time offer.

This deal gives you a saving of £5.74 off each box.

Rest assured we are not ignoring our Napoleonic range and hope to show images of the new Napoleonic French Field Artillery set in the next few weeks. This set will be extensive with options for line and guard artillery plus bicorne options for the earlier period of the Napoleonic Wars.