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7TV Summer Special PDF launched on Wargame Vault

7TV Summer Special Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have posted their 7TV Summer Special PDF on Wargame Vault. From their announcement:
A brand new 7TV supplement from Crooked Dice, the Summer Special is now available free for one week on Wargame Vault. This offer ends at the end of Sunday 17th June. The Summer Special includes:
  • Ratings War – 7TV campaign rules
  • 6 new weapons
  • 3 new Extras
  • 12 animal profiles
  • 3 Special Guest Stars – Tweedy, WPC May & Daisy Taylor
  • The Envoys – new alien race
  • 9 new Event cards
  • 9 new Gadget cards
  • 2 new quick-play episodes
  • 2 episode campaign – 'The Claws of Sectus'
The usual PDF and print options for the book and deluxe cards will go into the Crooked Dice webstore in the next few days. We expect to have print copies at the start of August