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7TV Second Edition Boxed Set on Pre-order From Crooked Dice

Sometimes a TV show just needs a reboot. I know a lot of people complain about how Hollywood is nothing but reboots and sequels. But I'm not as down on it. How do you know a reboot won't be better than the original? You don't until you try it out. So I'm always excited to hear about a new one coming. Well, the folks over at Crooked Dice are rebooting 7tv. They've got several box sets put together for it as well that you can order.

The "big one" is the Core Release Boxed Game. It has everything you need to play the new version of 7TV. There's dice, counters, tokens, templates, and all the bells and whistles. From there, there's the Starter Cast boxes. Each of these boxes contains at least one new sculpted miniature (some have several). The starter boxes let you build up to a 30-ratings cast. These deals, though, will only be available during the pre-order campaign. The pre-orders are being taken now up until Sunday, November 29th.