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7TV Heroes Programme Guide coming soon from Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice has a new 7TV Programme Guide coming soon and it's all about the Heroes.

From the update:

Find out more about three of 7TV‘s most popular shows in this 128 page sourcebook. Inside you’ll find full backgrounds, stats, casts, locations, gadgets, vehicles, weapons and events for Department X, The Man From 2000 and The Beat.

If you have purchased any of the previous PDFs, don’t forget to use your discount code(s) during checkout. If you present all 3 codes, we’ll email you the link for the combined PDF free! (Manual email, please allow us some time…)

The book is released at Salute on 20th April 2013, if you want to collect please select this option. We’ll aim to get posted copies to you for this date as well. PDF only or Book+PDF only orders will have the PDF link when you complete checkout, orders with any other products will get the link when we complete the order (allow us a bit of time!).

Orders with the PDF include the shipping, other orders will have the usual shipping added when you checkout.