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7TV Campaign Day

Rich Jones will be holding a gaming day using the 7TV rules from from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio. From his announcement:
Organised by Rich Jones there will be a full day of 7TV gaming in North London on Saturday 4th June. Not only will there be a 3 game campaign, using the new 7TV campaign rules (which will released in their Summer Special) but the Salute Award winning game 'You only Live Dice' will be on show and looking for newbie participants. 7TV guys will be there to help people with the rules, how to make up 'casts' and to sell Crooked Dice books and figures. Two of the players will also be bringing some of their goods ... Ainsty Castings will be selling cult TV related scenery and Kevin Dallimore may well have some of his books to sign and sell.  There will also be a bring and buy table for those players and anyone who wants to come and peruse and buy. Check out for more news and to see how to book a place.