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7ombieTV: For Ghouls and Colleges released from Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice isn't going to be left out of the Halloween fun. They've released their 7ombieTV expansion book over on their website.

From the release:

Just in time for Halloween, this 7ombieTV supplement brings a UK twist and some minor misdemeanours to your favourite horror skirmish game.

Play cannibal ghouls such as the twisted Number 11 or two new survivor casts - the Girls of St Searle’s or the vicious Borstal Boys. It's 44 pages packed with:

- New weapons and rules for Ghoul casts; including a new Elder Ghoul Star and new Cannibal and Feral Child Extras.

- Three new casts - the Girls of St Searle's, The Borstal Boys and the ghoulish Number 11 - each with Cast Event Cards.

- Five episodes including a linked story with scenarios from Chris Viau and Mik Hollands.

- A new Spawn deck to use with the episodes, but generally useful for random zed generation and solo games.

- A cardstock double decker from Wayne Peters.

- Background on the Barron Pictures failed foray into UK teen horror market by archivist Helena Rodings!

- Cracking photography from Kevin Dallimore!

In store now!