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70+ New Victorian Science Fiction Flying Ships Released in Muliple Scales

Aerolyth Enterprises and Objects May Appear have created over 70 Victorian Science Fiction ships for the Hive Queen and Country world. Go have a look-see.

From the update:

Aerolyth Enterprises and Objects May Appear are proud to announce the release of a new line of Victorian Science Fiction flying ships, set in the Hive, Queen, and Country universe. These ships are available though Shapeways 3D Printing. Over 70 ship classes are currently available in several scales, representing more than 130 separate models.

Hive, Queen, and Country is a vast and detailed setting based on an alternate Victorian history. Mankind takes to the air in the mid Nineteenth Century. By 1880 space travel to Luna, Mars and Venus is economically viable. The inner worlds of the solar system are not lifeless orbs but are spheres populated with strange and dangerous life. A race of aliens inhabits Mars and has used enslaved humans to terraform both Mars and Venus. Terrifying legends indicate that yet another race of monstrous aliens may also be present in "mankind's" solar system. On each of these worlds are savage beast, unimaginable mysteries and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice. Mankind stands balanced between two futures; one of Godlike power, the other of absolute destruction.