Skip to content blogging service opens has opened a blogging service catering to wargamers. From their announcement:
Lots of gamers like to blog. The free blogs most people open are on and Although these are great, they are hosted in isolation. Unless you actively promote your blog, few people find it. 6sided is a new blog network exclusively for people who game using miniatures. Our aim is to bring gaming bloggers together so they can all benefit from mutual traffic. We use the powerful Wordpress blog platform. Just open a free account and you can be blogging in minutes, using an account that has the power and flexibility a self-hosted copy of Wordpress offers. We will be actively promoting our site, and also making sure that blogs hosted by get traffic from search engines as well. Using 6sided can bring your blog more visitors with less effort than hosting on a non-specialist blog network. There are also tools to import your existing blog. So if you already have a blog on or, you can use the tools in your account to import your blog posts to your new 6sided blog in minutes. And if you get stuck, we have a members' email ticket helpdesk inside accounts so you can contact us for help. We think it's more relevant to have a "" URL than "" URL. If you have your own domain name, you can attach it to be used with your 6sided blog using our free "domain mapping" feature. officially launches today. Apart from a few early-adopter test accounts, it's a community waiting for life to be breathed into it. So please consider supporting this new gaming resource.