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6mm Napoleonic Paper Prussians Out Now

Grand Manoeuvre adds to their paper minis line with the release of 6mm Prussians.


From the release:

The Prussian Army Pack has 25 pdf files:
There are line infantry Musketeers & Fusilers in a range of different facing colours.
For Light troops there are Fusiliers, Jagers and Musketeers skirmishing and in formed reserves.
The Pack contains Landwehr with four different infantry facing colours.
Cavalry regiments include: 2x Dragoons, 4x Hussars and 1x Uhlans with 4x Landwehr Cavalry.
There are also deployed and limbered heavy and medium foot artillery and Howitzers and these can be used with four-, or six-horse gun teams.

The price £5 !

Presently, the other Napoleonic armies available from GM are: French, Austrians, Russians, British, Portuguese and Spanish.