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6d6 Kickstarter stretches for The Writers' Bible

6d6, the RPG system, is running a Kickstarter and doing rather well. They're looking to break through their next stretch goal.

From the campaign:

The 6d6 RPG has been popular at UK conventions for the past few years, their Kickstarter aims to get it into print. They've smashed past their funding goals and as the end draws near they're stretching for The Writers' Bible:

"The Writer's Bible is all about being creative with 6d6. It is a completely new book covering everything about writing adventures, designing balanced but challenging monsters and complete settings including Advantages and Advantage Paths. Everything we tell our in-house writers will be there, making the 6d6 RPG work for you in ways no other system can.

This is the book I really want to put in your hands so that you can get the most out of the 6d6 RPG and your own creativity. Capturing everything I've learnt developing the 6d6 RPG and in my 30 years of writing adventures and creating worlds, this book is all about turning great ideas in to great gaming.

Lets make this happen."