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’65 Squad-Based Vietnam Board Game Up On Kickstarter

’65 Squad-Based Vietnam Board Game Up On Kickstarter

My dad was actually drafted during the Vietnam conflict (since, y’know, there was no declaration of war ever signed. Just as there hasn’t been since WWII). He trained at Fort Knox in the mechanized infantry. He learned to drive an APC. He never actually made it to Vietnam, itself, though. His orders were sent to the wrong base when his time ran out. Strange to think that I probably wouldn’t be here if those orders had gone to the right place. Anyway, ’65 is a new squad-based board game that recreates the early battles of Vietnam. They’re up on Kickstarter now.

The game uses counters on a hex-grid map to represent the various military units involved in the conflict. Players’ turns consist of “impulses” where they can play cards from their hand that allow their units to move, fire, or perform special actions. Turns continue until three “End Turn” cards are drawn, so each is of a variable length. So you never know quite when the turn might end, causing you to think ahead in your strategy.

The campaign is over their funding goal and working on stretch goals, which they hope to be surpassing in the next 9 days.