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5Tails Studio Running Demon Espionage Card Game Kickstarter

Conquering the Overlord in the underworld wasn't easy. In fact, the first time around, the Rebels didn't quite make it. However, this second assault has proven much more successful. But defeating the Overlord was just the first step in the Rebel's plan. Now, all the souls that the Overlord held in his power have been released into the Forgotten Land. The Rebels are looking to collect them in the mist and fog. However, so are the Shadows, who are loyal to Satan. The race is on to collect the most souls. That's the story behind Demon Espionage, back up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, players will use their troop cards to engage in duels with their opponent. Different troops have different strengths which can be augmented with action cards. Different actions can play at different times and have different effects, from giving your troop a boost in strength to healing them to reversing other powers. Winning duels will allow you to collect souls. The player with the most souls at the end is the winner.

This relaunched campaign is up and running now. They've already made it over their funding goal with stretch goals now to be broken for the next 29 days.