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Frontline Gamer reviews Chulo Bolu and Momma Galina from Freebooter's Fate

Frontline Gamer has a review up of a pair of models from Freebooter's Fate: Momma Galina and Chulo Bolu. Check it out and be an informed gamer!

From them to you:

I suppose I could have reviewed these two miniatures separately, but the truth is they clearly belong together. If you haven't read the back story behind this Goblin pirate duo I'll briefly fill you in. There's not really too much to tell, Chulo was a slave to a particularly smart and crafty tradesmen, who taught Chulo a thing or two. So he's a better educated crafty Goblin than most. He fancies himself as a bit of a rebel leader, wanting to lead his green brothers and sisters in glorious revolution... except he's a bit of a weedy git and a totally spoiled brat who throws temper tantrums. In short he's not hard enough to be leader! That is where his mommy steps in, Momma Galina is hard enough to be leader, but like most smitten mothers who spoil their sons rotten, they want them to be the leaders, and they're willing to clip anyone round the ear who says otherwise. So put simply Chulo is in charge because if you say otherwise his mommy comes and gets you. The stories behind the two of them are genuinely humourous. So that's there background and why I just feel like I had to review them together. I mean I just don't think Chulo would leave home without his mommy in tow.