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54mm Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery Released

All the King's Men have released their new 54mm Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery (unfortunately, no, that's not artillery that shoots out horses) over in their webshop.


From the release:

All the King's Men is pleased to announce Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery in 54mm. You get 4 crewmen plus 2 command, with your choice of Congreve rocket launcher or 9-pounder. This is a traditional-sized artillery unit for playing "All the King's Men" wargames, but the figures will work for any game. You can check them out on our Napoleonics page.

The crew and rocket launcher combined are $35 USD, while the crew and gun is $30. The Congreve rocket launcher alone is $12. Most pieces are metal and come unpainted. Bodies, heads, arms and some tools are separate and require assembly, but that also makes for great versatility with the figures. The 9-pounder is plastic, is made by A Call to Arms, and is carried by ATKM.

These figures join our French and British armies, already available. These new metal pieces originate from Stockade Miniatures' Soldiers of the World line. ATKM has a license to make these figures available for wargaming.

Yes, you can wargame with 54mm figures, and not just skirmishes. Check out the "All the King's Men" wargame rules, available as a free PDF on our website.

ATKM offers 54mm metal wargame figures and terrain for the American Revolution, War of 1812, Napoleonic era, and American Civil War.