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54mm Eolith Miniatures range for sale

Steve Buddle is selling his Eolith range of 54mm fantasy figures. From their website:
Due to my taking a full time sculpting job I am looking to sell on my 54mm Eolith Miniatures range. 10 figures designed for resin production. I would think they could be cast fine in metal but would require new master castings to be moulded from resin masters or the original sculpts. Green masters for most of them (1 figure is mysteriously missing (Goblin) but I'm trying to hunt him down and a couple have damage which I will try to get repaired (trying to hunt down a missing arm). Resin masters for new moulds to be made from. If the buyer wishes, my current resin caster is willing to continue casting them for the new owner and this is preferable for me as it all becomes very simple (caster UK based). Not willing to split the range but available at what I feel is a very reasonable cost. Due to the start time of my job very soon I am looking for a quick sale.