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Hasslefree Miniatures previews walker

Hasslefree Miniatures posts previews of A Grymn Walker and a statue, of Liberty:

From their announcement:

Kev has been a good little boy lately so to reward him i gave him permission to stop sculpting nekkid chicks and zombie-hunters and told him he could finish the GrymnWalker.

Here it is, approximately 50mm high, 50mm wide and about 40mm deep it will come in resin in two will be solid with a closed hatch and the other is an open with a separate hinged hatch to position how you want.

To say 'thank you' to me for being a devoted wife he also did a new version of Liberty, my alias. As we have been discussing emigrating recently he did an American version of Libby to commemorate our planned destination.

Neither of these will be released until the New Year, we are still getting costings for the Walker and Liberty was only finished today.

We had a release earlier this week of two Grymn Naval Officers (they look a bit like short versions of BSG characters....) and dont forget the'Bonus Time'

Thanks for reading!

Sally :)