5150 No Quarter – Mecha Combat Now Available From Two Hour Wargames

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 9th, 2015

Well, for a Mech-lover like myself, today’s just a red-letter day, what with two mech-based games to talk about. This one comes to us from Two Hour Wargames and is called 5150 No Quarter. This one’s pretty straight-forward. Just grab whatever mechs you want to use, however many you and your opponent want to use, and get ready to throw down.

The game has rules for being played solo, teams, or head-to-head play. there’s both a single-battle and campaign mode. Control from 1 to 24 mechs at a time. There aren’t any specific models for the system, so use whatever your favorite mech models are. The game is compatible with other 5150 titles.


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  • jeff fearnow

    And ew use HeroClix minis for this game (he asks, looking at the pic)

    Two Mecha things in a day, man? What are you trying to do to me?

    • Odinsgrandson

      I thought he looked like an odd mech too.

      • Odinsgrandson

        Huzzah for the picture of a mech!

        • jeff fearnow

          “it’s knees are too sharp”


        • Yes, well, sometimes while going fast through stories to get them set before the end of the day can end up causing.. confusion… in terms of featured photos.

          And this is why I’m constantly checking back to the site all the time, even when off the clock. 😛