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5-Minute Dungeon Card Game Up On Kickstarter

You've heard it before. "I'm just up for a quick game." But what is a truly "quick game"? Well, Wiggles 3D has a game that plays in 5 minutes. That's pretty quick. It's 5-Minute Dungeon, a cooperative dungeon delving card game that, as the name says, plays in 5 minutes.

The gameplay is simple: just match the symbols on the current card with your own. There are no turns. Players are all playing at the same time. And that's good, too, since the clock is running against you. There are 10 characters you can play as, and 5 dungeons to go through. Will you make it through or end up as skeletal dungeon decorations?

The Kickstarter campaign is doing rather well. They funded in 6 hours and are more than 2x funded at this point (and still rather quickly growing. Don't worry. You have more than 5min to jump in. You have 29 days.