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4TK Gaming UC III 40k Tournament

4TK Gaming will be holding a 40K tournament Feb 26th & 27th in Essex, UK. From their announcement:
Our Ultimate Commander events are our premiere Tournaments and this Ultimate Commander promises to be our best one yet. Ultimate Commander is different to most Tournaments you may have played in that our boards are fantastically presented and play a major part in the game. You and your army will be tested to the limits, you will not just be able to stand back and shoot, our tournaments do not just suit gun line armies like many other tournaments. Ultimate Commander is designed to test all your skills, you will have to think seriously about your tactics. Our boards represent a multitude of terrains from wide open spaces to densely packed forests completely blocking line of site. Tournament Date: 26th & 27th of February 2011 Number of days: 2 Entry: £25 Number of places: 16 + 16 reserve Tickets Available: Now Launch Pack Available: Now 1st Prize: Glass Trophy, £50 in-store voucher as well as a Unique one off UCIII T-shirt and 1st place certificate 2nd Prize: Trophy, £25 in-store voucher and certificate 3rd Prize: Trophy £10 in-store voucher and certificate Additional: All entries will receive there own named dog tags Lunch: Sandwiches provided both days