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4TK Gaming Announces Winter Open Day

4TK Gaming Announces Winter Open Day:

From their announcement:

SANTA IS COMING. Well not just yet but the next best thing is 4TK Gaming Winter Open Day Saturday 3rd Dec
4TK Gaming will be having an open gaming day on Saturday 3rd Dec.

Reasons to come down

1: Some superb discounts throughout the store
2: Demo and Intro Games
3: Raffle Prize draw
4:Great fun atmosphere

Dear Gamer

You are invited to attend 4TK gaming Open day on Saturday 3rd Dec, Doors open at 11am till 6pm and this will give you the opportunity to buy discounted tabletop gaming items just in time for xmas, Watch demo games and take part in intro tabletop games. There is also the opportunity to buy raffle tickets and win big prizes. If you have any enquires please do ask or call 01206756300 for further details.

Look forward to seeing you on the day.