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4TK Gaming 40k Doubles Tournament

4TK Gaming is having a 40k Doubles Tournament in Essex on Sunday Aug 21st. From their announcement:
4TK Gaming - Clash Of generals Premier 1 Day Doubles Swiss Tournament Details :
  • Sign up web site
  • Tournament Date: Sunday 21st August
  • Number of days: 1
  • Entry: £20 per team (£10 per player)
  • Number of places: 16 Teams
  • Tickets Available: Now
  • Launch Pack Available: Now
  • 1st Prize: Trophy and 1st place certificate
  • 2nd Prize: Medal and 2nd place certificate
  • 3rd Prize: Medal and 3rd place certificate
  • Additional: Army must be fully painted
  • Lunch: Sandwiches
Introduction4Tk Gaming Premier 1 Day Doubles Swiss Tournament Clash Of Generals is our first official Doubles 1 day standard Swiss Style Tournament following our successful tried and tested COG format with a kick.
This is a 2000pts tournament on the same standard quality gaming boards you have come to expect with our tournaments. We have challenging gaming boards and you will have to really think how to best use the strength of your army. This is a popular tournament with a good skill level and atmosphere. What you get for your money: 3 games, Tea and Coffee, lunch and a great days gaming. 4Tk Gaming is known for its well presented terrain & gaming boards offering a completely different style of tournament gaming. COG tournaments are slightly different to our UC tournaments because UC is set up to test all your skills through a vast array of gaming terrain set ups. COG tournaments are standard gaming boards but our standard gaming boards not any old gaming boards.