.45 Adventure 2nd Edition notes

Rattrap Productions have posted details of their upcoming .45 Adventure 2nd Edition rules.

From their website:

I wrote the original .45 Adventure rules over 5 years ago and in that time we have released 6 supplements as well as some things appearing in our Thrilling Expeditions books. That has meant a lot of rules spread out in several places and in some cases rules that could conflict with one another.

With that in mind, I set about putting a second edition together. But I ran into a problem fairly early on. It seems that the fixes to the rules confusion were creating far more complexity than then they were alleviating.

After some intense discussion, I decided to build second edition from scratch rather than create a hodge-podge of rules fixes compiled in one book. Most of those things that made .45 Adventure what it is, will remain and some things, that had gotten needlessly complex, have been removed or changed.

Check out their website for more information.