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.45 Adventure 2nd Edition demo rules available

.45 Adventure 2nd Edition demo rulesRattrap Productions have posted the .45 Adventure 2nd Edition demo rules. From their website:
After far too many delays, the demo version of the rules for .45 Adventure 2nd edition are now available for free download. You'll get a lot with these demo rules (all the combat rules, Ground and flying vehicles as well as all the other basic rules). There is more than enough to take things for a test drive and find out if you like them. You even get the Sample archetypes for both Law Enforcement and Criminals so that you can start trying out the new builds on your own. You will see if you check out the Table of Contents, that I am still working on layout for the second half the book, so just because you don't see something listed there (like Campaigns) don't think that it won't be in the book. It will, I just don't know where it will fall yet. Things you will see in the Table of Contents that won't be in the demo rules are The Occult, Super Science, more sample archetypes, and of course the archetype building formula. There is no sample scenario with the demo, but after I get the book finished, I will add one to it. For now, you should be able to use any scenario you have created or one of the old 1st edition scenarios (though they may need some tweaking to work within the new rules).